Combi boiler/System boiler not working

Combi boiler/System boiler not working


1, Boiler power supply, check and if necessary replace the 3amp fuse.

2 ,Boiler re-set, sometimes a boiler can trip out due to a variety of reasons, look for the reset button usually found on the front of the boiler, if not look at manufacturers instructions for the location.If this proble persists consult and engineer.

3, Gas supply, make sure your Gas is turned on at the meter, if you have a pre-payment meter make sure there is Gas available.

4, System pressure, if you have a pressurised system or a combi boiler check that the system pressure is not too low, a rule of thumb is cold setting pressure anywhere between 1 to 1.5 bar. Top up via the filling loop if necessary.Letting the system pressure drop too low can cause damage to your appliance.


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